I think I’m going to lose my spouse tonight. Really. I think he’s either going to die or at least his GI tract is going to die.


Because we’re having a Prince’s Hot Chicken Shack party at our house and he’s going to the extreme with the spice factor by ordering the Extra Hot. Now, let me tell you that I have to order the mild because the mild is HOT. The medium is WICKED HOT, the hot is HELL FIRE HOT, and the extra hot!? That’s just plain CRAZY. And he’s going for it tonight. Is it peer pressure, is he a glutton for punishment, or does he just have a whacked out sense of pride that makes him do these things? I don’t know, but I’ll have Pepto Bismal and plenty of toilet paper on hand for the aftermath.

Wish us luck.

p.s. If you don’t have the time to watch the whole 9 minute video, please, PLEASE fast forward to minute 6:45 and watch it! hahahahahaha!