I now present you with Claire and her new Radio Flyer Walker Wagon!

What gives? The Universe was apparently against Huz and I having a fun date today. I scored 2 free tickets to a Vandy football game (it’s embarrassing, but in our 3 years in Nashville we have yet to go to a Vandy game), but could not, for the life of me, find someone to watch Claire. I must have called or emailed a dozen people and every single one of them said no – they were busy or just couldn’t. CUSS! So, we decided, hell with it, we’ll just take Claire even though kickoff is at naptime (2:00). But, noooooo, the ticket office informed me that everyone, even babies (or toddlers if you prefer that term at 12 months – we’re waiting until she can walk to use the term, thankyouverymuch) must have a ticket to get in. Um, I only got TWO free tickets, not THREE. CUSS AGAIN. In defeat, I gave them to someone else at work. Mom? You wanna move to Nashville and give me free babysitting whenever I need it? Okay, thanks!

Also? I taught Claire about civic duty today and voted. Yay!

Photo 2