My 5th day went well – it was mostly just futzing around the house making it look like I hadn’t just spent 5 days alone with a baby letting the house go to hell. I also put on extra eyeliner and eyeshadow to look hawt for Huz. Claire probably wondered what my deal was since I said, “Your Daddy’s coming home tonight!!!!!” about a zillion times.

He had a good trip, albeit short and fatigue-inducing. I’m glad he went and I’m really glad he’s back!

The end.

Now, on to other news. We watched the debate last night while I had Project Runway set to record on Tivo. At one point Tivo alerted that it was going to switch channels to record Project and I freaked out and handed the remote to Huz to fix it because I wanted to finish the debate but not miss Project. He pushed a few buttons and in the nano second that the tv switched over to Bravo, I saw Tim Gunn tell the winner (I won’t spoil it for you if you don’t know yet) that she won the Saturn View. OH MY GOD. Way to ruin the surprise! @%^&*&@!

We went to our neighbor’s house last night for dinner (they were thanking us for taking care of their mail while they honeymooned in Italy) and I dressed Claire in her new sweater dress that I originally bought for her birthday. She now has 2 dresses that are so cute that I can’t decide which to dress her in on Sunday. You tell me.

Apples and pears dress?



Or purple sweater dress? (And don’t you just love her teensy, tiny barrette!?)


<img src="" width="331" height="500"

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