Well, the cat did not die. Phew. She is itching her neck here and there, but I don’t know if it’s because she really does have fleas or because her skin is irritated from the essential oil ordeal. Hopefully there will be no more feline drama until Huz gets home.

Today was okay. I was very hurt by some people I work with, whom I thought were friends, but are not. I held my head high, though, and tried to go in, do my job (and do it well), and go home without freaking out. I’m proud of myself for making it through the day.

I paid a friend’s nanny to watch Claire today since the PDO was closed. It was more expensive than having a friend watch her (but my only friend who was available could only do it until 11:20a.m. which didn’t help me much), but it was $40 well spent because I had the piece of mind that she was in good hands and had a friend to play with to boot.

She’s been very cranky tonight. There were many back-bending temper tantrums whenever I tried to put her down to play with her things so I could do something (like pee or get her dinner ready). She didn’t eat much dinner and then lost it in the bathtub (more back-bending tantrums, which, if she isn’t careful, could get her drowned if it weren’t for my Super Mom reflexes that cushioned her head before it hit the tub). I promptly dressed her, nursed her, and put her to bed despite it being an hour early (6:00). She hasn’t made a sound yet (knock on wood) and it’s been 2.5 hours. Last night, after the cat fiasco, she woke up crying at 9:30 (fed her and put her back to bed), at 3:15 (checked her diaper – only a little wet – and put her back to bed) and then again at 5:45 (checked her diaper – wet – and gave her a bottle and put her back to bed). What’s the deal, kid!? You’re supposed to be a toddler soon. Don’t toddlers sleep through the night!?

I’m surviving, but I miss Huz. I’m obviously not an alone kind of person and it’s even harder when I’m having a shitty time at work and having to take care of a baby by myself at night.