Where are you Huz!?!??! I’m having the worst night and need you!

After getting a second round of patronizing emails from someone I work with, I almost killed my cat by accident! I bought Nature’s Guardian flea treatment because it’s all natural and I thought, hey even though I haven’t seen a flea on the cats yet, I’ll treat them in advance and get this problem under control before it’s a real issue. Not 2 minutes after I put the essential oil blend on the back of Cambridge’s neck did she start running around the house with foam flying out of her mouth. OH MY GOD! I was running after her as fast as I could and trying to wipe the foam away and then trying to wipe the “medicine” off of her neck. I frantically called my friend’s down the street who are also cat owners and asked if they knew what the pet emergency number was. They gave it to me and I called and explained, I just gave my cat natural flea repellent and she’s…. the woman didn’t even let me finish and said get some dish detergent and wash it all off immediately and watch for facial ticks and seizures for the rest of the night. Holy Mother of God. I ran into the bathroom, shut the door, and started the agonizing process of wiping down my foaming at the mouth, frantic cat. I called my friends back in tears and asked if one of them could come over. Thank Jesus in Heaven that Claire was sleeping through all of this. I washed both cats off and then did it again with some Joy dish detergent that my friend went out and bought in case the Seventh Generation stuff I had didn’t do the trick. She’s acting normally now, other than being pissed off that she’s wet and stinks like essential oils. My whole house wreaks. Do NOT buy this stuff. I’m signing this petition RIGHT NOW.

Why do these things always happen to me when Huz leaves? The last time he left for a few days a hurricane came right through our neighborhood and I was left alone to freak out about it.

Somebody pray for me, Claire, Cambridge and Neville tonight!