While Huz goes off to England, I’m playing the role of Single Parent and am dreading it because I know just how much I rely on him to do his share (and then some!) of parenting our daughter. I took a personal day from work since we have no daycare on Thursdays and took him to the airport this morning. He safely got to Toronto where he is having a lovely layover of a mere SEVEN HOURS. I just hope he downloaded enough movies from Tivo to keep him occupied for that long.

Here’s how my first day went down:

1. I saw a flea jump off a shirt lying on the bed this morning and am freaking out trying to find non-toxic ways to rid my house and cats of them. I think we carried them home from a girlfriend’s house yesterday because she has been dealing with cat fleas for a while now. So far I’ve seen that salt and borax are natural ways to get rid of them, along with essential oils on the cats’ necks to deter them (I’m washing all bedding – cat and human – in hot water to get rid of any that might be there too).

2. I decided to go to the zoo today since it’s a balmy 76 degrees and I’m never home on a weekday to do fun stuff like that. I called my friend to see if she and her daughter could join us, but she was working on her grad school stuff, so I ended up making plans to go with her daughter and their babysitter instead.

3. While waiting in their front yard for them to get ready, I’m pretty sure that Claire ate a rock out of the planter she was playing with. I gave her some apple juice to wash it down, cuz what’d ya going to do?

4. At the zoo, I took Claire out of her stroller several times to give her a better view of the animals, but she was much more interested in the fence and grass right in front of her than in the elephant looming in the distance. Oh well. It was fun for me to see the animals anyway.

5. Though she fell asleep on the short car ride home, Claire has yet to take her afternoon nap (it’s almost 4:00). After an hour of talking in the crib, I checked her diaper to find a blowout. Even after drinking 4 ounces of soy milk, she isn’t going to sleep. Ugh.