Diet Shmiet

One thing I’ve learned since not being able to eat dairy or eggs is that there is a surprising amount of decent food I can eat. For example, the awesome vegan chocolate cupcakes I tried out in preparation for Claire’s upcoming birthday. They are really good, especially still warm from the oven with some vegan “buttercream” frosting that I made – using all margarine and no shortening. (Sorry, no pictures. They were eaten too fast. I’ll take some at Claire’s party in a few weeks.)

I’ve also learned that bagels taste great again, thanks to this and this. I know, I know. You’re thinking, Victoria? Have you lost your mind? Imitation cream cheese with TOFU in it!? I’m not lying, though, it’s actually pretty good. Maybe it’s because I’ve forgotten how good the real thing is, I don’t know.

Don’t let me fool you. I haven’t been the best dieter I can be. I cheated today when my coworker and I drove back from a retreat and she stopped at McDonald’s for an ice cream cone. I just HAD to have one. It’s the first time I found myself hoping there were more artificial ingredients than real ones (in this case dairy). Oy.

Travel Shmavel

So, I’m jealous. REALLY jealous. Huz is leaving this week to go to England. As in the country. While I’m incredibly proud of him – he’s going because he was invited to read an academic paper he wrote at a university conference – I’m also hesitant about being a single parent for 5 days AND extremely jealous that I’m not going to Europe with him. If we had a babysitter for a week and money to pay for my ticket there’d have been no question, but we don’t and we don’t. I had it all worked out with my boss that I’ll take a personal day on one of the days that Claire isn’t in daycare, work a shorter day on Friday when she is (it’s only from 9-2), and then work from home on Monday when she’s in daycare again, BUT I found out today that because Metro Schools are closed on Friday (why!? it’s not a holiday!) that they will be too. Grrreeeeeaaaatttt. Not only am I a single parent, but now I have to figure out what to do with my kid while I’m supposed to be at work. Anyone? Anyone?

Party Shmarty

Anyone have any first birthday party ideas? So far,I’ve planned to make cupcakes. That’s it. I have no idea what else I’m going to serve, how to decorate, if I should pick a “theme” or not (I’m definitely leaning towards NO since she won’t remember it anyway). I’m thinking more of a laid back, relaxed time with friends and their kids and marveling in the fact that Claire isn’t a baby anymore. Taking lots of pictures of her eating cake for the first time is a MUST. Other than that, I’m kind of at a loss since I’ve never done this before.