Well, Palin wasn’t as bad as she could have been, damn it. She was obviously prepped and rehearsed (probably worked for weeks with advisers so she wouldn’t look so dumb on t.v. again – even though she tried to blame previous deer in the headlights moments on “media filtering,” whatever that means). It was clear that she had talking points memorized as she would sometimes completely ignore and avoid the question to instead regurge her points that were committed to memory (as well as repeat “maverick” one hundred billion times so that I was pretending to stab myself in the heart every time I heard the damn word). Biden, on the other hand, came across as intelligent, thoughtful, and experienced. He had specific examples, refuted her false claims by explaining exactly which vote was in question and knew that McCain had himself voted the exact same way as Obama in several cases where Palin was trying to show how bad of a vote it was. I also respected the fact that he turned her I-am-female-so-only-I-know-about-struggling-with-children-in-a-middle-class-family upside down by saying that he was a single father after losing his wife so he knew EXACTLY what it was to struggle, even if he was a man. I was nodding my head in agreement because this reverse sexism is rampant and I had no idea until I had a child of my own with a husband who is a committed father and stays home with her. He has had to deal with this false view that society holds that somehow because he’s a man he doesn’t have the ability to love and care for his child. Don’t even get me started on all the “parent” magazines out there that, though they may have the word Parent on the cover, only refer to and address the mother on the pages inside – as if fathers aren’t parents.


The debate was good – made me extra sure who I’m going to vote for.

p.s. See what my aunt, who lives in Alaska, says about Palin.

“As your relative, a 20+ year Alaskan resident, and a history of voting Republican, I can attest that Gov. Palin is a complete trainwreck. Last weekend, I actually made up signs and demonstrated against her lack of accountability. I really wonder if she even stops to consider the damage she does to good people’s reputations on the way up her ambitious ladder.”