As I work from home today and enjoy the lovely fall weather from my patio with laptop in my lap (duh) and daughter in her pak n’ play next to me, I have to tell you what I’m loving right now.

1. The way she points WAY up into the air every time she hears an airplane. Then she looks at me so I can say “airplane! flying in the sky!” and then she makes a flying sound “shrooom”.

2. The way she just was sitting there and put her head down – how cute, I thought, she’s tired – only to find out she was biting her big toe.

3. The way she answers Cambridge and Neville’s meows with her own MEOOOWWWW. (I laughed hysterically when Huz told me he went to the coffee shop with her yesterday and she saw a tiny dog inside and immediately said MEOW to it. The owner laughed and agreed that his cat was bigger than that particular dog, so no wonder she mistook it for a cat.)

4. The way she shakes her head side to side – she doesn’t know what it means, but it’s funny to watch.

5. The way she just stood up in the pak n’ play, pushing her face up against the netting in the process so her face got all smooshed (like when you put a nylon stocking on your face and look crazy). hahahaha.

6. The way every thing is still so new and exciting to her and how she points at every thing. I love that tiny little index finger and thumb sticking out.

7. The way she says mama or mie-mie when she cries.

8. Her huge toothy smile. It just melts me.

9. The way she waves all the time. We think she knows it’s for hi and bye, but she also does it when she wants me to pick her up or feed her. She opens and closes her hand towards herself, so she looks like she’s saying hi to herself each time. So cute!

Claire – you’re a hoot. Love you baby girl!