My Fodder Friend called me and invited me and Claire to go to the downtown library for a marionette show with her and her daughter. I was just researching the very same show and was delighted to get an invite from her. Turns out, the Nashville library is awesome and so was their children’s theater. Claire and I sat down on the floor in front of the stage – her sitting in my cross-legged lap – and she remained transfixed by the puppets dancing on the stage, the twinkling lights above, and the stage smoke that billowed out. I was in love with her during the whole thing because she – who had never been to a theater before, never seen such a spectacle, never been with all these kids sitting on their parents’ laps – was taking it all in and enjoying the moment in utter happiness and with eyes open wide to the fun of it all. It was wonderful and we will definitely, definitely make this a regular thing.

Yay for fun with my baby!