I’m on a self-imposed hydration project. I hate having to pee so much, but after my week-long sickness (the crud is now in my lungs and I make a very noisy office-mate to my colleagues – sorry!) my milk supply has really gone south. I’m more upset about this than you’d think. I mean, I’m only a month and a half away from Claire turning one (which is when you can go directly to cow’s milk, or, if she’s allergic, to goat or soy) and I don’t want to have to switch her to formula. Do you know what the number one ingredient in formula is (at least in the soy one I bought yesterday as an emergency back-up)? Corn syrup. That’s right, good ol’ fashioned, healthy corn syrup. What has this world come to? We’re training our babies to eat sugar and crap from day one. That’s McDonald’s strategy too with all the clowns and playgrounds…get the kids hooked on your garbage at a young age and you’ve got a life-long consumer. That’s marketing at its best (which is to say, worst).

Speaking of which, are any of you watching Mad Men? Huz and I have picked up on it (and, as usual, are catching up on past seasons on Netflix). It’s eye-opening to the marketing industry (as it came to life in the 60s) as well as the misogyny of the workplace.

Back to breastfeeding, I’ve really been proud of myself for going this long. It assures me that my baby is getting the best, most nutritious, enzyme- and antibody-rich food that she can get. I’ve laid a good foundation for her, plus it’s helped bridge the geographic gap that going back to full-time work has made between us. Even though I’m away from her during the day, there is a vital link that remains between us and it makes me feel good that I’m still providing her with the nutrition she needs, even if I can’t be with her every hour. I nurtured her for 9 months in my womb and I’m still able to nurture her now. That makes me feel like I’m doing a good job as her mother.

I may be running to the bathroom all day long, but I’m doing what I can to get my baby’s milk back. It’s my privilege to do that for her.