In the last seven days Claire has grown leaps and bounds. She can now crawl forward (!!), look at the cats and say “meow,” repeat sounds we make (for example, I asked her if she wanted to take a bath and she said “bah” in response. I’m also trying to teach her to exhale after taking a drink. Hilarious.), shake her head (I have no idea where she got that), and is starting to pull up onto the windowsill, coffee table, and crib. It’s amazing. What happened to my inert infant and where did this responsive little person come from!?

We survived our first day of daycare. I cried 3 times about it at work and I didn’t even drop her off! Huz cried when he dropped her off and on the drive back to the silent, empty house (I’m not the only sensitive parent). I called the place several times to check on her and to see if they were able to put her down for a nap. Each time they were all, “she’s fine, hon. No problem!” which sounds all good, but I wondered each time if they were just placating me instead of telling me the truth. I think it will take time for me to build trust when it comes to strangers caring for my child. I know they won’t be as attentive as me or Huz and I know they won’t be as close to her as we are. I just hope that I’m given accurate information regarding my child during her hours with them and that she’s happy and safe there.

Huz has the crud now. I’m so nice to share with my family, aren’t I?