I know it’s been a while. I’m so terribly busy at work that I hardly have time to check my own emails right now. Sigh.

Claire is so close to crawling and it’s really frustrating her and us. Why? Because when she’s frustrated she cries loudly. Don’t get me wrong, she’s made great progress in the last few weeks. Where she once couldn’t figure out how to get from sitting to her tummy without doing a face plant, she’s now adept at getting in the position with one swift move. Where she once couldn’t get her leg out from underneath her tummy after bending forward from sitting, she can get it out by lifting up her bottom. The problem is that once on her tummy, she pushes her arms straight and finds herself scooting backwards instead of going forwards and she cries and screams and groans…and so do we.

In typical show-and-tell fashion (which I always LOVED as a child, except for the time I was going to bring in my new pet duck only to find him dead the very morning of show-and-tell. A raccoon had busted his way into his outdoor cage and ate him. I was distraught, but that’s the kind of thing you deal with in Colorado.), I present to you some of my favorites from the wedding I recently shot in Denver.

wedding 187
wedding 135
wedding 241
wedding 270

And look how good Huz looks in a tie, holding Claire, who is playing with her cousin’s hair bow.

wedding 233