This is Wella the Wabbit. S/he is Claire’s newest, simply styled, over-priced toy that I just couldn’t resist. Truth be told, I copied my FF because her daughter has one too (hers is Red and named Manuella which is the brand), but I couldn’t help myself. It’s so simple, cute, and it comes in green!

Wella was the inspiration for my new header. I struggled with this one because I couldn’t decided if I wanted to make it eye-popping green with some spring foliage texture on it:


or to make it sepia with some vine-like texture on it:


or to make it with a description of who I am as a blogger (I spent 30 seconds on the descriptors so it’s not very creative or exciting and I didn’t like the crumpled paper look after all, hence my not using it):


Thoughts? Comments? Questions?

So, we’re going on vacation the day after tomorrow. While I should be excited (and I am – I can’t wait to show The Bear off to the g’rents), I’m mostly nervous. Nervous that my ear-achingly loud 9-month-old will screech on the plane and we’ll be “Those Parents” with “The Brat.” I hope that she’ll be able to sleep on the plane because it coincides with nap time but she’ll be on our laps and she’s only used to sleeping on her back in her crib. I’m going to try all the tricks to keep her occupied – bringing a collection of toys, some of them new, to rotate through, snacks for her to munch on, pacifiers for her to suck on, and, of course, The Boobs. My hope is that she’ll quietly play, nurse at takeoff, and then sleep the rest of the flight. That is wishful thinking, but I hope she at least gets 1-2 hours of sleep in or we’ll have a serious Bear on our hands (get it? Claire Bear…a bear). If anyone has any further travel advice, I’ll take it.

I’ll update you when we get in. Wish us luck.

p.s. The reason we’re flying home is because my brother-in-law is getting married. When I offered to help take pictures for this back in December, I didn’t realize that I’d be The Photographer, but I am! I hope it goes well. It’ll be my second wedding and I definitely learned from the last one (pay attention to details like where everyone’s hands are, etc.) so it should be good. I just hope that Claire doesn’t see me across the room and demand that I pick her up! Speaking of photography, I recently did a photo shoot of my friends and their baby (our god daughter) who is 3 months younger than Claire. I am really happy with some of the shots and plan to share them here as soon as I get permission from them to do so.