Is she making cookies? If she is I hope they have booze in them. That sounds awful, I know. The picture I just took doesn’t capture how awful this morning went. I officially hate teething. I’m over it, Huz is over it, and Claire is certainly over it. The screams that emit from this adorable creature are awe inducing. We are now keeping her dosed on Tylenol until she has all of her teeth (I kid, but I think we’ll keep the stuff coming every four hours until the weekend is through). It’s been rough. I don’t know why or how people decide to have more kids after a day like today. I feel guilty saying that because I sound like I hate my kid, but this is difficult and I know it will only get worse with age as temper tantrums, independence, defiance, and discipline all become part of my daily life. I’m afraid.

It’s a good thing she’s cute, folks.