A dull tablespoon would work too – anything to gouge my heart out with. Do I sound ominous, over the top? I’m a tad frustrated is all. See, I decided that now that I have a kid and all, I should be responsible for said kid and do what I can to protect her. I can embarrass myself or Huz on here all I want, but her? It’s not really fair since she has no voice to say if she wants me to do that or not (this will get more complicated as she grows and I have to figure out how much I should share about her, both verbally and pictorially). So, in wanting to be a good parent, I decided to make all of my photos on Flickr (which contains ALL of my photos: 6,657 of them to be exact) private so that any schmuck can’t Google “cutest baby ever” or “labia ultrasound”* and find their way to my photo album. I still want family to be able to see my photos and for all you, dear readers, to see what I post here, but everyone else? Not so much. So, I did this yesterday at work and it took about an hour for Flickr to do its switching of all 6,657 photos from public to private. Meanwhile, I checked my FF’s blog and another person’s blog and saw that their pictures were not visible. I really thought that maybe I had caused Flickr to go down because I was asking it to do so much work. Who knows.

*After noticing the 10th or 11th visit here via that exact ultrasound picture made me a bit creeped out, even if it’s just pregnant mommies checking out other people’s girl ultrasounds.

Anyway, back to why I’m feeling suicidal. I had no idea that when I changed my photos to private that their URL’s would completely change. Do you know what this means? It means that all of the photos that I choose to share with the world on this here blog are now gone, invisible, kaput until I go back to each post with a picture, click on every Gawd damned one of them and capture the new URL and re-post. This blog started off as a way to share my photos, and I clearly take a lot of them, so I probably have at least 1,000 photos to fix. Like I have that much time! But this blog is my creation, a reflection of me, and I can’t see leaving it such a mess. It would bother me too much.


So, if you’re looking at archives or you’re a new reader who found me, please forgive the hawt mess that is my blog right now. It should only take me, oh, a year to fix the mess I made. All in the name of being a good parent. Ack!