By the way, happy belated 4th of July. We went to a friend’s house for drinks and a board game and then to our neighbor friend’s house for a BBQ. Don’t you just love how Claire was looking at the camera? Mo and my sis both commented on how big she is looking, so this will give you some perspective when we’re holding her.

8 mos - 4th of July BBQ

Speaking of holding her, my arms are buff!



We don’t own a scale, so when we were at our friend’s the other day I stepped on theirs and was a.) quite pleased with my own weight – I’m down 7 more pounds since the 6 week postpartum weigh in, so now I’m 11 pounds lighter than my pre-pregnancy weight! I think I’m going to breastfeed until Claire is 18 – and b.) shocked at Claire’s weight. She is TWENTY WHOPPING POUNDS and not even nine months old yet. No wonder I’m so toned!

Thanks to my FF for babysitting last night. It was great to go out for a nice dinner after a long week at work and to celebrate with Huz as he just finished writing his first chapter of his dissertation – I’m amazed by you, babe!