Huz and I decided to spend our fun money for the month on this. I can’t wait to get it and to start trying out some fun ice cream recipes. I’m sure we’ll come up with some fun ones, like: chocolate chili, jalapeno lime sorbet, Heath bar coffee crunch, etc. If it comes quickly enough we can make blackberries and cream ice cream with the luscious blackberries we picked at our CSA yesterday. It was so much fun making the trip up there. Claire did great on the hour and a half drive each way and had fun picking blueberries and blackberries strapped to my chest in a carrier. She tried to reeeaaaach out and pick some berries too – she did get one, but Huz intervened before it went into her mouth. It was lovely seeing the farm where our veggies are coming from each week and to have a relaxing afternoon in nature. Ahhh. I want to go back!