I know I linked to the picture of Padma in a blue Greek goddess dress, but that’s totally not what I meant. I meant the second dress on that slide show – the green and white one. Not that it matters, because I got a hot little number that was totally different. Mine was a white, brown, and black tropical floral print and it was short and sexy! The party was fun, but there was no dancing. It was more of a Southern swanky event, complete with valet parking and a full wait staff inside. I felt too sexy for the event and Huz, who looked like Brad Pitt in his tan pinstriped linen pants and white linen shirt, felt under-dressed. Oh well. We went out for drinks (he: whisky. me: chocolate martini) afterwards and thoroughly enjoyed our once a month night out. (I’m feeling sorry for myself that we only get to go out once a month. On the bright side, it makes going out really special. You people? The ones with family around to watch your kids whenever you blink? You have no idea. Thank your lucky stars that you get to go out whenever you want!)

Anyway, the best part of the weekend was shopping for our party outfits. Not only is it rare to go shopping together for an outfit (I’m more of a “happen to be at Target and found this shirt for a mere $4.99” girl), but I felt really good about myself in a lot of the things I tried on and THAT? That is rare. There were 2 dresses in particular that got rave reviews – I believe “wow” was Huz’s response. Naturally I bought one of them. But I didn’t need 2 dresses, so I didn’t get the second wow-factor frock. Since Huz spent the day with the family on Saturday (which is usually his library day), he went to study on Sunday. I asked him what Claire and I should do with ourselves all day on Sunday and he said, “Go to Macy’s and buy yourself that other dress.” I was all, “Really!? It’s not even on sale!” He was emphatic that I looked hot in it and needed to get it. Talk about making me feel good! Not only was I given a huge compliment but I was actually encouraged to shop! Hee! 🙂