1. TGIF! Yahoo! I’m redeeming my Mother’s Day mani/pedi gift certificate this afternoon when I get off. This is in preparation for my friend’s engagement party (complete with a live band!) tomorrow night. Woo hoo! My Fodder Friend is babysitting for us so we can party hardy. We both need to go shopping tomorrow to find appropriate attire. I really don’t own many dresses (and if I do, they are just black evening dresses). I think a nice spring-colored dress would be nice (I was admiring Padma’s green and white dress the other night, but am not sure I can find one that I can afford). Wish me luck.

2. This totally makes me cringe. Ick, ick, ick. Sense of humor? Maybe. Sexy? Definitely not!

3. I had to stay late for a meeting last night and got home after 6:00 so I just got to see Claire for 45 minutes before she went to sleep. So sad. 😦

4. We just got one of these so that we don’t feel like we’re walking on egg shells right outside of Claire’s room (which is right off of our kitchen). I likey.

5. We have been in Constipation Nation at the Winters home for the past 4 days. Poor Claire Bear has only had rabbit turds and we don’t know why, so we’ve introduced the mighty PRUNE to her diet. After 3 straight days of eating prunes mixed with her other normal foods (prune-cado, prunes and oatmeal, prune and sweet potato mash)….suffice to say, I’ve never been so glad to see prunes come out of the other end before. Poor thing must have been suffering with all of that inside of her.

6. That’s it. What are your plans for the weekend?