I want good toys for Claire, not just your run of the mill Disney plastic crap, you know? I want hip, modern toys – ones that are environmentally safe too. Like this set or these geese (I bought her a white one last week at Pottery Barn Kids. I couldn’t help myself – it was so cute and on sale! We named him Go-Go the Goose. I was trying to find her a safe bed buddy and also a replacement for my jaw which she likes to use as a teething ring.). I’ve been on the hunt for knit stuffed animals, but they are really hard to come by. I found these guys, but the store I went to doesn’t have the giraffe which is what I really want. I like knit guys like this, but I just wish they weren’t so expensive (all of these I’m linking too are high – guess you have to pay to be eco and cool.). Anyone know of other sources for knit toys? I guess I like Euro toys because those are the ones I keep stopping and looking at online, like: this caterpillar, this elephant, these hammer balls, these matching animals, these nuts and bolts toys, this frog. Also? I’m loving this CD.

[Added: Ooh! I like these too!]