Well, folks, it looks like I may not have to sell my baby on eBay after all*. Even though Claire has had four nights of “difficult” sleep, it seems that she has weaned herself from her swaddle addiction, which is crazy awesome because we have been scratching our heads trying to figure out how to get her off the swaddle habit for a few months. After the other night (Scream Fest 2008) she has napped normally in the daytime, but hasn’t slept normally at night. She wakes up after an hour or two with either a load of sweet potatoes in her diaper (you’re welcome for sharing), because some sirens can be heard in the distance, or for no reason at all. Without fail, each of the times we go to stifle the screams with a pacifier, she is completely busted out of the swaddle blanket – normally with only one foot stuck in the bottom loop. After trying to pacify and re-swaddle her a few times last night, I finally decided that maybe she was trying to tell me that this swaddle thing? It’s getting old. Yeah, for me too, kid. So, I took it off and put her in a sleep sack instead. AND.SHE.SLEPT. Without the swaddle. And she’s napping now without a swaddle. I’m in shock. We tried to wean her of it last weekend and it failed miserably. I guess she wanted to be in charge of her own destiny. Her will is setting in already at 7 months. Pray for us.

*I’m totally kidding, by the way. This is such a sad story – a joke gone terribly wrong.