(I guess I need Twitter, but I don’t like it.)

I’m so glad that I work at a hospital because my breast pump broke this morning and I can just walk across the courtyard to use the hospital grade ones while I wait for my replacement to be overnighted. Phew! Otherwise, the sisters would be HUGE and PAINFUL!

[Okay, so now Madela is telling me that my pump isn’t under warranty because I bought it from an individual on Ebay, as opposed to a company on Ebay, EVEN THOUGH I specifically called them and asked them PRIOR to purchase if it would be covered. They said as long as it was brand new in a sealed box it would be covered. I’m so pissed right now. I just left a voicemail for a manager at Madela. They BETTER freaking replace this thing. I’m not about to drop another $250 on a new one.]

[Okay, awesome. I just got another call from Madela and they are going to honor the warranty because I was told by one of their customer service reps that it would be covered. Good thing because I was gonna have to woop some breast pump rep ass!]