What a lovely day I’ve had. My darling husband made me homemade Belgian waffles with fresh strawberries and whipped cream for breakfast and then gave me a gift certificate for a manicure/pedicure at a local spa. And, as I type this, he’s making steak with grilled mushrooms and blue cheese, mashed potatoes, carrots, AND the dessert I requested that the house elf make! I love you Huz. Thank you.

We were going to go on a hike but it was really windy and chilly today so we went to the mall instead and found some sandals for him and a bag for me (except mine wasn’t $10! Not fair!). I also bought Claire a cute little sun hat and pair of embroidered socks at The Children’s Place. We were going to go to the art museum but I was pooped after our sojourn to the mall (I’m not a mall person – they wear me out) so we went home and everybody took a nap. It was blissful. This was followed by Huz and I looking over all the home movies we’ve made of Claire so far. We both got teary-eyed over how small she used to be. It’s amazing how quickly the time has gone. She’s such a wonderful baby and I thank God every day for the blessing and gift that she is. I had no idea how strongly I could love until I became a mother. It’s vast, overwhelming, powerful, life-changing. I love every minute of it and would have it no other way. I love you Claire.