So Idol is about to start and before I watch I just want to proclaim to all of you that if Castro isn’t eliminated tonight, I hereby boycott AI. He was horribly bad last night, didn’t even appear to try, and I’m tired of him. Little Archie impressed me despite my best efforts not to like him. David came in 2nd place in my book. Overall, though, my love for AI has chilled significantly as the season has progressed. I think I’m bored and just ready for it to be over. I cannot wait for “So You Think You Can Dance” to start, though. I love me some dancing!

Yesterday was a shitty day for me, or as my Fodder Friend would say, it was an “ass pancake” day. I think I’m going to start having a “Fodder Friend Tidbit” and give you something crazy funny that my friend tells me each week. I know it sure brightens up my day, so it’s bound to do the same for you.

This morning didn’t start off so well either. We’re getting a lot of estimates on the remaining housework we want to get done (exterior painting and new counter tops put in the kitchen – can’t wait!). Apparently Cambridge is against having a certain company do our painting because she vomited all over his estimate and I found it this morning on my way to the kitchen to make breakfast. On my way back from throwing the entire cat puke on estimate sandwich away, I stepped in another pile of cat puke with my bare feet. Thanks a lot, Cambridge. That was just a lovely start to my day.

I think I’m going to go on a writer’s strike until I get more comments on that hilarious post about Huz on the roof. I’m simply not satisfied with 3 comments and think it was way funnier than any of you apparently did. Hmmph.

p.s. Claire did fine with her shots. I didn’t cry! Either I’m getting really calloused or having her sit on my lap facing away from me did the trick. Not seeing her sad little face drop those tears of pain helped.