Okay, there’s no way I can’t blog about an incident that happened Sunday afternoon. It will totally embarrass him, I’m sure, but I have to tell you a Huz story.

So, I was pulling up to the driveway after doing a few errands with Claire Bear (the usual – going to a few stores like Target*, etc.) and I was admiring the freshly mown lawn that Huz had just done when something caught my eye. I glanced upward to our roof and what do you think I saw? A bird? No. A squirrel? No. It was my husband. He was all the way up there hanging onto the chimney in what appeared to be a bear hug. Oh my gawd. As I pulled further into the driveway, the scene got worse. The reason he was up there was because he clearly got sick of the huge, tacky antenna and decided to take it down. The only problem was he forgot to move the car below and the antenna came crashing down quicker than he thought it would. I pulled to a stop with my mouth wide open as I looked at the huge metal antenna dangling mere inches above the Saturn. It hung from a single wire still attached to the chimney where Huz was sitting. I grabbed the car seat and brought Claire inside, snatched the Saturn keys from the key hook, ran outside and carefully got into the car (fearful that the huge metal spider was going to come crashing down on my head any minute) and backed up out of harm’s way. I helped support the ladder as my inconveniently scared-of-heights husband came down and assessed the situation from the ground. Unfortunately for him, he had to go back up there and cut the remaining wire to release the metal beast which came crashing down to the now (thank God) car-free driveway.

*Don’t worry, I didn’t steal anything this time.


Note to self: book smarts does not equal practical smarts.

Another note to self: good thing this man is kind, a kick-ass chef (he just made me pepper-crusted steak in a bourbon cream sauce, sauteed green beans with walnuts and lemon, and roasted olive oil rosemary potatoes on Friday), and good at you know what. Otherwise, I’d be seriously questioning my decision to marry such a retard! Love you, hon! šŸ™‚

Here’s the antenna post Huz demolition:

The dreaded antenna