I have to tell you guys about my crazy new friend, Trish. She is hilarious, in your face honest, and perfectly herself, no matter what. I have really grown to admire and respect her in a very short amount of time. Here’s a few reasons I like her:

1. She just ran a half marathon, even though she was injured and stopped training a month before the race. I watched her video and cried at the end. She is my new hero and for the first time in my life I feel the desire to run a race.

2. She inadvertently gives me great nicknames for Claire because I steal them from her. She called her baby “Widget” and so I called Claire the same when she was first born. Of course, it evolved to “The Owiginal Widgenator” and “Widgy Widge,” but it was totally her word. The other day I found myself calling Claire “Kidlette” and I had to call Trish to ask her if she used that name because all of a sudden it was in my vocabulary. It was totally hers again.

3. She comes up with the greatest lines. For example, the other day she called me to let me know that our mutual friend was ill. We decided I could make a dinner for her while Trish volunteered to clean since she can’t cook*. I agreed and she said, “you know you don’t have to go all crazy and make a roast lamb duck caramelized fruit loops or anything.” Then she laughed at herself and claimed that watching Top Chef made her say “caramelized.” I laughed hysterically, thinking to myself, “and you think the word ‘caramelized’ was the strange thing in that sentence!?”

*She keeps threatening to invite Huz and I over for Chef Boyardee Prego and bagged salad.

4. She leaves the craziest, laugh-out-loud voicemails on my cell phone. If only I knew how to transfer a message I’ve been saving to a digital file to upload for you. It was a song that she made up, on the fly, that rhymes*, for me. It mentions that I’m delicious and nutritious, then at the end she clearly doesn’t know what else to say, pauses, and just hangs up. I died laughing.

*Such a Mom thing!

5. Mostly? I love my new friend because she gives my plenty of blog fodder!