So, my poor baby has her 6 month doctor visit in about an hour, which means more shots in her precious thunder thighs. I’ve cried every time she’s had this done, right along with her, and I expect I’ll do it again today. I’ve canceled my massage because I just can’t imagine relaxing afterwards enough to enjoy it. I’ll just have to reschedule because right now I’m in Mama Bear mode and can only think about getting her home safe to watch her for any (God forbid) reaction to the shots.

In other news, I am such a good wife. Do you want to how good I am? I’ll tell you. Huz was away at a theology meeting last night and I didn’t watch Lost so that we could watch it together tonight. How committed is that!? Way committed.

I’ve had lots of ideas for posts, but just haven’t put forth the effort. Hopefully the muse will strike this weekend. Until then, you have to remain bored, my pretties.

Let’s see. Maybe I could ask your opinion on something – we all love to share our opinions, right? I saw a girl with this haircut the other day and was tempted. What do you think? I’d probably regret it a month later (as I always do going short), but with the warming weather it’s awfully tempting.

I obviously have a thing for short hair. Here’s a recent picture of me with my longish hair for comparison.

[So, my friend told me over the phone yesterday that she didn’t vote here, but warned me not to cut my hair, lest I be seen as getting the “mommy haircut.” She said that everyone would assume that’s why I got my hair cut, because as a new mother I felt frumpy and needed to sass things up. What do you guys think? I always get the desire to cut my hair – usually once every year or two – so I don’t think it’s related to being a new mom, plus I don’t feel frumpy since I fit into all my old size 4 and 6 pants. Her other point, though, was a good one. That particular haircut looks awesome the first week and then it quickly looks outgrown. I’m not a fan of high maintenance-must-go-to-the-stylist-a-lot kind of cut. Hmm.]