Okay, so I’m only half-way through watching AI but I have to post. First, what is the deal with Paula? Is she really that dumb or is she high!? She read her notes like she was trying to defend her dissertation in 1 minute, rather than make a simple comment on everyone’s first song. And then? Then she thought Jason sang twice!? I’m really worried that they cast a complete idiot/stoner for this role! Second, why doesn’t anyone think Sayesha is as good as I do? That girl can sing, but nobody seems to give her any credit. Brooke sucked, as did Jason. Cook was okay and Archie was eh.

On to the second half of the show.

Oh, and Neil Diamond!? Come on, producers. Give us somebody we can relate to here!

Oh #2, I laughed so hard when Cook interviewed Ryan and he described himself as a kid in the “way back” of the station wagon. I thought it was only Huz who used that term. Ha!

Okay, I just finished and here’s what I think:

Cook was the best tonight. While I didn’t love his first song (his voice was too gruff for my liking), his second song was great. He does know how to make songs (even old, outdated ones) his own.

Brooke’s first song sucked, but her second was really good. I love her folksy voice, especially how it sounds like it cracks every now and then. I know that sounds horrible, but if you watch you know what I mean.

Like I said earlier, Sayesha is really good but after watching her second song, I think she’d be better in theater than a recording artist.

Jason – I’m over him. He, unlike others, hasn’t improved as the competition has gone on. I think he’s the weakest performer by far.

Archie is a one trick pony (God and Country songs are his thang) who makes every song sound exactly the same. I’m really over him.

Your thoughts?