Like I said, Huz is a wizard in the kitchen. Friday night I was served a glorious meal: roasted chicken in a red wine, honey, ginger, and ancho chili glaze, ginger garlic carrot puree, steamed spinach, and red chili chocolate flan with pecan praline. There was nothing we were celebrating; Huz just felt like cooking. Damn, I love it when that happens! Turns out cutting up a little chicken isn’t so hard, so there were no ER runs for us. Phew.

How do you ruin a lovely evening after dining in style? You watch this. I should have known better because I’ve read the book, but it totally ruined the festive, romantic mood, let me tell you. Note to self: don’t watch a downer movie that will make you nauseated if you want a great meal followed by romance (non-sleep activity is what I’m talking about, people). It ain’t gonna happen.