Ah, the signs of spring are everywhere and I’m playing hooky today.

Our new trees we bought last summer are in full bloom:


There are cats in window sills enjoying the breeze:


It is beautiful and mild here right now. I only wish it would stay like this all summer instead of getting hot and humid.

We did a ton of work this weekend landscaping our front yard. It previously had zilch in the way of plants.



But now it’s got fresh, stinky mulch and flowering plants a plenty. We got some quotes on painting the house too, so the ugly turquoise is short-lived. Yippee!

New Landscaping

The bees like it too:

A Bee Enjoys the New Flowers

These are marigolds from seeds my Mom gave me last summer.


Then we celebrated Claire’s 1/2 birthday yesterday and had friends over for a BBQ. The guest of honor slept through most of her party, but we ate and laughed on her behalf. Here’s the lovely baby girl on her special day:

1/2 Birthday Party

Here she is with our friend Lauren:

1/2 Birthday Party

And here’s Lauren’s sweet little Lottie:


It’s kinda ugly, but I made her a 1/2 birthday cake:

1/2 Birthday Cake

We had a good time.

It was a lovely weekend and I’m just amazed how quickly my baby girl is growing before my eyes. She is so lovely, so pure, so beautiful. I fall in love with her more and more every single day. Happy half of a year my darling baby Claire. I love you so much!

5 months old - angelic