Okay, was anyone else offended by the religiosity of American Idol the other night? Why do they need to sing “Shout to the Lord,” which is an über evangelical Christian song!? I fast forwarded right through it and immediately said, “how is that not offensive to non-Christians!?” I understand that the theme was inspirational, but that song simply does not apply to a lot of people (including me – I hate that kind of emotionally manipulative crap). Weren’t a lot of people offended or excluded – the Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Atheist? Huz replied, “how is that not offensive to Christians?” And he’s right. Um, hello? You’re singing a Jesus song on a show that idolizes people. Last I checked, that was on the 10 Thou Shalt Not list. Plus, it’s just completely not the place for that kind of song. Ugh. Also, I was kinda pissed that Michael Johns got booted and not that stupid Kristy Lee Cook girl. I can’t stand her.

I went to the mall today with a friend and was told no less than 5 times that Claire was “beautiful,” and “the Gerber baby.” Now that’s the way to make me smile!

We decided to throw Claire a Half Birthday party on April 20th. I look forward to coming up with some fun ideas – like making half cupcakes, half burgers, maybe even making everyone wear half birthday hats. Oh, what a great excuse a child is to be silly!

That’s all I can think of at the moment. Have a groovy weekend everybody.