Internet, I trust you. So much so that I’m going to conduct an experiment and ask you to help me decide how to spend my money. I’m going to try Arbonne facial products for a week, chronicling the results with daily pictures of my naked, make-up free face (I’m sorry in advance), and then I’ll ask you what you think.

So , this is my naked face tonight before I put anything on:

Arbonne Trial: Day One - before using products

This is right after I applied the products for the first time:

Arbonne Trial: Day One - just put the products on

And this is 5 minutes later when my face began to break out in sensitivity to
something I put on. Not a very good way to begin the experiment, huh? I think it was
a new product in the line because when I used this stuff a few years ago I had no sensitivity at all. I’ll leave this out of the experiment from now on.

Arbonne Trial: Day One - sensitivity/break out -- not too good