And here I thought the Internet(s) was all mean and shit, but none of you harassed me for that obnoxious color scheme yesterday – I mean, come on! Would I honestly want a Pepto Bismol pink background with neon blue font? And would I change the title of my blog (in blinking font, no less) to “All Claire All the Time”? It was an April Fool’s joke and nobody said anything. Maybe you all got a strange look on your face and mumbled insults into your hands. I guess I should thank you for being nice, but I hope you believe that I have better aesthetic sensibilities than that!

On an aside, I jokingly renamed the blog “All Claire All the Time,” knowing that I have begun to go down the route of mommy blogging lately. I cannot deny that having a baby has changed my life, given me new perspectives, rocked my world, but I’m more than just Claire’s Mom (can you believe my friend called me that the other day!? I’m what? I’m who? VICTORIA, that’s who!). Undoubtedly, my identity has changed; it’s tied to an entirely different person – I am Claire’s mom. But I’m also still me. Victoria T.M.I. Winters and I have other things to say, other things I think about. So, in an effort to diversify for my audience and in an effort to nurture the “woman inside the mother,” I will try my hardest to be more diverse in my writing. I need to preserve memories of her when she’s so small and I have grandparents checking in around the clock, but I also have the rest of you reading. The ones I want to stick around and whose comments I want to keep coming. This blog has always been cat-centric, now it’s baby-centric. I’ll try to talk more about the other facets of my life, I promise.