I took the day off today since it was a beautiful sunny 70 degree day. I really wanted a fun family day since Huz was out of town last weekend and because we needed to celebrate a few things, namely his successful dissertation proposal defense (he’s now ABD! Way to go, babe. I’m so proud of you!) and Claire’s 5 month birthday which was yesterday. We enjoyed the day by taking Claire to the zoo for the first time. It was splendid – she was an angel.

First we tried on the sunglasses from her Grandmo to see if they fit yet. They don’t.

Trying on sunglasses from Grandmo - still too big

She enjoyed most of the zoo from her stroller – napping on and off. (Mom, you can buy lots of cute jumpers like this one – she’s adorable in them!)

Claire enjoyed most of the zoo in her stroller

We saw the elephants taking a mud bath.


And some cute-faced monkeys hanging out.

Cute faced monkey

And a Bongo (that thing in the background).

Mommy and her girl at the zoo

She enjoyed a fist snack while we were there.

Daddy and his girl at the zoo

She napped on the way back home.

Sleeping in the car after the zoo

And when we got home, there was a lovely floral arrangement on our doorstep from my Mom. It’s for Easter and for Claire’s baptism which is tomorrow night.

Lovely gift from my mom for Easter/Claire's baptism

All in all, I’d say it was a perfect day!