We need some new dishes. Ours have many problems: they’re old, chipped, and stained from something in the dishwasher – not sure what, but it almost looks like silverware have scraped the plates and made them not so much white anymore but gray. Weird. I think I’d like to get some good quality porcelain or buffalo china – must be white so that the food is what stands out (natch). Basically, I want a durable, modern (read: not country), round (read: not square) set that is of good quality and good price. Any suggestions? I’m looking at the Crate and Barrel catalog (no such store in this lame state, I’m afraid) and think these look nice, but it’s hard to tell from a photo. Pier One has these, but I need to see them in person. And Williams Sonoma has these.

[Erg! I literally just shook my fist and whispered “stupid cat” to Neville because I just got Claire to stop crying and to go down for her nap when he goes and tests gravity again (it ain’t gonna change, buddy) by pushing a glue stick off the desk onto the hardwood floor – “CRACK!” Back to Oceala Drive, Neville! Back to Oceaola Drive. (This is my ongoing threat to him lately.)]

Speaking of food and it being showcased on a plate, Top Chef started again this week. How I love that show. I wish I had the culinary prowess to create some of the seemingly mouth-watering dishes these people put out. As I predicted, it looks like we have our token cocky 20-something (Dale and Andrew are yet another Hung/Marcel/Stephen), African American (who’s already eliminated), and gay chefs again this year (with a twist, though, as they allowed a couple to compete – should be interesting!). The F-bomb was used liberally, which I found hilarious. I’m looking forward to this season wholeheartedly. And, admit it, who amongst you really knew what chicken piccata was? I have to say, I didn’t.

I’m supposed to be working from home today, but seeing how I just wrapped up a tremendously busy week, the students are on Spring Break and not needing anything from me, and Huz just left for an out of state conference (putting me on Claire duty)…I’m pretty much doing all I can to avoid working. Thus, you have a blog entry. Oh well. I worked my tail off this week. I’m due for a little Internet fun. Says who? Says me.

Have a grand weekend everyone!