Things that drive me crazy:

1. When people use three (or more) letter abbreviations for states. It’s two letters, people! Illinois is not Ill., it’s IL. Colorado is not Colo., it’s CO. I don’t know why this bothers me so much when I see it on envelopes, but it does.

2. Inconsistent street signs. For example, on my morning commute I pass one street sign that says “So. 4th Street” and then the next one says “S – 5th Street.” Um, it should be “S 5th Street.” S for South and no dashes. Thanks.

3. My utter fatigue at the end of the week. This working full-time gig and coming home to an infant is kicking my ass.

4. How bad Neville is lately. He has made so many swimming pools in the middle of the kitchen floor by scooping out all of his drinking water that we’ve been forced to move their water bowl to the bath tub. He also tries to run into the nursery every time we open the door. I keep threatening to take him back to the pound, but he doesn’t buy it.

Things that make me happy:

1. This cute face.


2. My husband’s touch, whether it be a pat on the butt or simply the press of his thigh against my cheek as I collapse on his lap watching TV at night.

3. My baby’s full-faced smile. It’s utterly amazing.


4. Going to sushi with friends on a Friday night.

5. The way that Claire is constantly rubbing her feet together. When I change her diaper, she becomes a little monkey and wraps her legs around my arm, holding on with her toes.


6. The things I dress Claire in.

I bought her a “boy” shirt the other day. Hey, girls can like cars too!


Her cute bear coat from my Aunt Diane.

Claire Bear

7. The lovely snow fall we got last night.


8. Taking pictures of Claire and myself, even if it makes me look like I have freakishly long arms.