Thank you to Huz for a lovely dinner party celebration last night! The dinner he made was outstanding and I totally would have paid a lot for it in a restaurant. The plates were piled high: green beans with pancetta and sage, lentil salad topped with caramelized shallot mashed potatoes and, the best part, cumin roasted pork loin with mushroom sauce (alas, I didn’t get pictures of the main course at all). This awesome meal began with a toast to me from my darling husband full of kindness and love that I won’t ever forget. We ended the meal with a mint and chocolate brownie ice cream cake from Ben and Jerry’s (yum!). Thank you to all who were there and who made it such a lovely evening. I love you guys, especially you babe.

My 32nd Bday

And how can I post without leaving you with some pictures of my darling baby girl? Here are some of my recent faves:

Me and My Adorable Baby Girl