I’m really busy at work, but wanted to take a moment to jot some things down, a.) to keep it a little less boring around here and b.) because I do like to blog even though I don’t have much time/energy for it lately.

1. Apparently, my baby is German. No, she isn’t eating sauerkraut with her breast milk or anything, but she’s learning that she can talk. And she must love the sound of it because she does it over and over again. For two days straight, all we hear out of her is a guttural, German-like sound (something like the German word “eich” with a “g” in front of it: “g-eich”). She’ll have paragraph-long conversations with us (or herself) using only that word. It’s so stinkin’ cute. I’ll try to capture it on video and post it for your listening pleasure.

2. We got a babysitter on Saturday night and attended a ball that my employer has every year with all 400 medical students. It was quite fun getting all glammed up for the evening and enjoying dinner and entertainment. Being a parent ain’t cheap, though, because we had to spend $50 for childcare on top of everything else (we didn’t pay for dinner because I worked for part of the event, but we chucked $50 out the window for parking and over-priced drinks). Oh well, it was still fun.

3. We’re having a dinner party for 8 people tonight to celebrate my 32nd birthday (which is tomorrow). I told Huz over and over again not to go overboard with the meal since he watches Claire all day, but if you know him at all, you know he’ll go crazy making a fancy gourmet dinner anyway. I know that pork loin is on the menu. At least he listened to me about not worrying about making a cake and he let me order one from Ben and Jerry’s.

4. I went to the dentist this morning because after eating some peanut brittle on Thursday, my tooth has felt funny and I was convinced my filling fell out. Nope. It’s another cavity in another tooth all together. Great. Another filling is going in on Thursday. Good times.

5.. That’s it for now – I’m off for some birthday cake from my co-workers. Ciao!