When bloggers have babies? Their posts become so irregular, so boring, so monotonous. This blog officially sucks. Sorry about that.

Our Valentine’s Day consisted of a full day of work in the office for me and a full day of watching Claire for Huz. When I got home, I relieved him of Claire duty and he went to the grocery store to get dinner ingredients, then made a glorious meal for us to enjoy: rib eye steak with mushroom blue cheese sauce, garlic mashed potatoes, and carrots braised in brandy. It was beyond delicious. Since Claire’s bedtime is a bit late for us to have dinner after she’s in bed, she was part of the romance. Of course, she slept in the swing the entire time the meal was being made, then promptly woke up when we sat down to eat. We moved her to the bouncy seat on the dining room table as we dined so that she’d be entertained and happy near us. Consequently, our romantic candlelight dinner was accompanied by the cacophony of her making squishy bowel movements right next to us. Oh, the joys of parenthood! In all honesty, it was really hilarious and we laughed the whole meal because of it. Life just changes when you have a baby and it’s totally okay. You’d have it no other way – and I mean that, even though it sounds cliche and everyone says it. It really is true. Things you used to take really seriously cease to matter so much and laughing and enjoying one another become more important than the social demands of romance, flowers, chocolate, etc. etc. Enjoying that lovely meal that my husband made for me with the company of our defecating infant surpassed any Valentine’s Day that I can remember ever having. This is my life and I love it.