Seeing how it’s been disgustingly warm for February (67 degrees!?), I’ve been taking Claire on walks when I get home from work. I tried putting her in the Ultimate Baby Wrap facing outwards for the first time. Other than looking squished, she enjoyed it immensely.

Going on a walk facing outwards for the very first time

She enjoyed it so much, in fact, that she declared a new national holiday: Puke Fest 2008. Oh, yes. During our walk she puked down the front of her body, splashing the street in front of my neighbor’s house (you’re welcome!). Then she continued the celebration at home while I was trying to take a picture of her in her cute little hat.

Puke fest on the chin:

Puke Fest 2008

And puke fest on the floor:

Puke Fest 2008

Determined to get a cute baby-in-a-hat picture, I tried again a little later and again the next day. Much better.

Claire Bear in her HatClaire Bear in her HatClaire Bear in Her HatClaire Bear in her Hat