Hey kids. I’m still sick, but not so much that I have to stay home in bed all day like Tuesday. I actually sound just like a frog, if a frog could speak English that is. It’s quite attractive, let me tell you (you hear the drip, drip, drip of irony, right?).

I met with my boss about telecommuting. Get this. Not only did she approve (for a trial basis – and if I find I’m not getting my work done because of being distracted by Claire or if I’m putting in long hours on the other days to make up for it, she suggested I work four ten hour days and take Wednesdays off), but she also gave me a huge office right next to hers. I feel so out of place in it – like I need a better hair do, wardrobe, and salary to go with it. I cannot tell you how glad I am I got this job – what a difference.

It’s nuts, with a brand new baby and all, but I’m considering grad school. Vanderbilt has a M.Ed program that I could do on the weekends – maybe we could get a sitter for Saturdays so that Huz could have a full day of dissertation work and I could go to class all day. I’m only in the thinking about it stage – there’s still the GRE to study for and take (yikes), finances to consider, childcare to figure out, and getting accepted (minor detail). Forward moving is always my modus operandi, though, so we shall see.

It’s proving a challenge trying to figure out how to manage our time – I work full-time, come home exhausted, Huz watches the baby all day (yet still has made dinner several times this week!), I get her into bed at around 9:00 and then fall into bed myself at around 9:30. That doesn’t leave much time for anything else, like cleaning the house, dissertation work for Huz, or real connection time for us (I don’t even know why I’m bothering taking the Pill – ain’t no relations taking place over here! No time! Too tired!). I know that all new parents have to deal with this and eventually we’ll figure out a balance, but it’s hard. There’s no denying that. That being said, I want to publicly thank Huz for being a genuinely committed father – one who has no problem with the gender role reversal and stays at home watching our precious daughter. His love and devotion is unbelievable, as is his commitment to this family. I only hope that he’ll be able to get his work done while raising our daughter 9 hours a day. Thank you, dear, for all that you do.