Hey kids, long time no blog. Sorry, I’ve been busy running around showing off my kid to every person I know in this state. We’re scheduled to leave Colorado today and, of course, it majorly snowing. We’ll have to wait and see if our late ass flight (leaves at 8:30p.m. and arrives in Nashvegas at midnight) gets cancelled or not. Either way, please put in a prayer or vibe for safe travels for us. Thanks.

The trip home has been really good, but I’d be lying if I told you I’m not worn out from all the running around. Little Claire has been a real sport with all the parties and loud get-togethers we’ve dragged her too – it’s definitely been a change from her first few quiet weeks at home with Mom and Dad. It’s amazing to me how much she’s grown just on this trip – she’s smiling a ton now; when we left Nashville only the celing fan would get a smile here and there. Now she smiles at me and Huz all the time; Grandma and Grandpas are getting smiles, even Aunts are getting some. She’s such a doll and I’ve really been struggling with the fact that I have to return to work full-time in a week from today. I can’t help but roll my eyes at all you Canadian bloggers who mourn returning to work after a year. Come on! 9 weeks feels like murder. And I always scoffed at stay-at-home-moms, not that I have a desire to be one, but I’d love to ease my way back into the work force, say working 30 hours a week, instead of just roaring back in at 40 and leaving my sweet little baby while I do it. I’m really hoping (and praying) that my boss lets me work from home on Wednesdays, that way I only have to be apart from her two days in a row, instead of FIVE.

Anyway, back to happier things.

Here some highlights of our trip to Colorado:

1. Our date to Rioja restuarant to celebrate our 13th anniversary.

2. Our date to see Atonement. It was a really good movie that still has me thinking about how small things can sometimes make a big impact on our lives – and sometimes for the worse.

3. Our date to see Juno yesterday. Such a good movie, written by a former stripper, no less. It has great, witty dialogue and keeps things real. Go see it.

4. All of the time my Mom, Dad, step-Dad, sisters, and in-laws got to spend with Claire. It’s amazing how much happier people are when there’s a baby in the room. I’ve been told several times by family members that I’m glowing, but I think we all are because Claire brings the best out of all of us. She’s just that special.

5. Some funny slips of tongue and conversations.

a. We were visiting with a highschool girlfriend of mine and her husband one night and as I was nursing Claire (under the Hooter Hider, natch), my friend smiles at me and says, “You’re such a good Mommy!” I smiled and said, “No, I just pop a cap in her when she cries.” The laughter ensued as I got red in the face – I meant to say put a cork in her when she cries. Oops. I guess I’m the one who’s a gansta, not Claire!

b. At the movies, I asked Huz to get me a snack as soon as we sat down (I know, I know, it’s a cliche that chicks do this and I’m guilty. I know I have legs and can get my own damn snack, but it’s a date so he should do it!).

Huz: What do you want?
Me: Not chosen water.
Huz: Okaaay, so what do you want?
Me: Not Chosen Water!
Huz: What.Do.You.Want?
Huz: What the hell is not chosen water?
Me: I have no idea! I’ve been saying nachos and water!!!
Us: hahahahahhaha

Hope you all had a great holiday. I’ve got to feed my hungry baby now.

[Update: we’ve decided to postpone our trip home until tomorrow night. The snow has been falling all day and the flight before ours was about 3-4 hours delayed. As we’re supposed to get in at midnight, a 3-4 hour delay sounds like hell. So, hopefully, the midnight arrival tomorrow night will really be at midnight and no later.]