So we’re here and it’s snowing. It means we’re kinda stuck here in the house today and don’t get to see anyone, which sucks, but we want Claire Bear to be safe. The flight went well – she fussed a bit when Huz had to go change her in the plane bathroom, but we survived. The plane wasn’t filled to capacity and the flight crew was cool and kept the seat next to us open.

It’s nice to be home, as it always feels like Christmas here with family, snowy mountains, and houses filled with Christmas lights, trees, and goodies. I’m trying to be good on the goodies, though, as I still need to drop 10 pounds. I took Claire on a mile-long walk yesterday with her Grandpa and the doggie, Jake. It was a brisk, sunny day and I had her all bundled up in that polka-dot outfit I showed you earlier and covered head to toe in a sling on my chest. She was snoozing the whole time and I got a work out. Yay me! I’d do it again today, but it’s only in the 20s and snowing like mad. Maybe tomorrow.

*Speaking of changing her, we’ve noticed a lot of differences between cloth diapers and disposable now that we’re using the latter for the trip. For one, her butt is SO small now! The clothes we packed her all seem huge because she doesn’t have this huge, bulbous butt that the cloth diapers give her. I kind of miss it, actually, because she feels so small and vulnerable now. Plus, I can’t say “baby got back” to her anymore. Now I call her Tiny Heiny. Second, disposables make the smell of her BMs SO much more noticeable. Seriously. At home with cloth we don’t smell her at all and just change her with every feed; now we smell her as soon as she does it (even pee!) and find ourselves changing her more often. I guess that’s not a bad thing, but I prefer the baby smelling like roses!