Guys, do yourself a favor and never buy that frozen “entree” I mentioned in my last post. Seriously. I was changing Claire’s diaper yesterday and she really scared me when she spit up a bright yellow fluid. “Huz!” I shouted, “Get in here right away!” I had never seen her spit up anything but white milk so this was frightening, to say the least. We looked it up in baby books and searched online and found it mentioned several places to call the pediatrician if your baby spits up green (bile). This was bright yellow, but we put in a call to our pediatrician anyway. Since it was Saturday, we had to leave a message with the message center who was to page him. Luckily we think we figured out what caused the spit up because we never heard from the Dr. (Grr. I’m not sure who to be mad at, him or the messaging center who may have never paged him. I’ll have to bring it up tomorrow in Claire’s appointment.) We think we figured it out, though, because that lovely breakfast I had earlier in the day contained some very rubbery scrambled eggs which, after looking at the box, contained a fair amount of annatto. I guess yellow eggs are more real looking? Poor baby drank my milk and was like, “oh I don’t think so” on the annatto and promptly spit it out. Guess that answers the question about things getting into the milk.

Kitchen tiling report: the tile is laid and the grout is down. Now it will dry overnight, we’ll mop it, move the fridge back in, wait for the oven to be delivered, and then move all of our stuff back in. I’ll take pictures and show you how awesome it is then. Can’t wait!