My blood sugar levels came back perfectly normal, so yippee, I don’t have diabetes. I do have to get a follow-up ultrasound on my thyroid, though, to check on the nodule that was found in August. But I’m not worried about it because my thyroid stimulating hormone came back normal. So, that’s a relief.

Dudes. I must tell you about the coolest thing. Last night Claire slept from her 8:00p.m. feeding all the way to 3:30a.m. Can you believe it!? That was 7 1/2 hours without needing to suck on my chest! That means I slept for SIX hours straight. Ohmygawdyouguys, do you know how great that felt!? Like, majorly awesome. It was probably a fluke and will never happen again, but here’s hoping it becomes the new trend.

Here’s some random info about me for your voyeuristic pleasure:

Last time I slept without a bra – sometime in March
Last time I slept 8 consecutive hours – October 18th
Last time I had sex – October 19th
Last time I had nothing to worry about other than myself – October 19th
Last time taking a shower wasn’t a hurried thing of great pleasure (and, instead, was taken for granted as a mundane thing I did every morning) – October 19th
Last time I thought the sound of loud burps, farts, or poops was disgusting – October 19th (now they’re hilarious because they are so very large and loud compared to the body they come out of)
Last time I consistently typed emails and blog posts with two hands – October 19th