For those of you who know me, you know that I am a neat, organized person who likes order in the home. Without it, when things start getting too messy or piled up, I go kind of nuts until it’s clean and uncluttered again. Despite the fact that we have a baby and all of the paraphernalia that go along with them, the house, which has seemed MUCH smaller that when we moved in almost a year ago, has been in pretty good shape. That is, until yesterday. That’s when we moved the refrigerator into the dining room and the nasty old oven got moved into the study. Then the catbox moved into the short hallway across from our bedroom, the cat food and water got moved into the living room. Then the nasty old linoleum in the kitchen got torn up and removed. Oh it will all be worth it in about 5 days or so, when a nice, newly-laid tile floor smiles up at us, but for now it’s chaos and it’s driving me crazy. I can’t walk anywhere without turning and twisting to ensure my body fits through the space.

Speaking of body, I went to the endocrinologist today to get a follow-up on the gestational diabetes. This involved me fasting, leaving the house at 7:30a.m. (OMG – after only 5 hours of sleep in 3 segments, I felt like hamburger this morning), drinking that nasty glucose crap, and getting my blood drawn twice. I’ll find out the results by tomorrow and, hopefully, we’ve seen the last of diabetes. As I was getting my vitals taken by the nurse before seeing my Doc, I got to step on the nice digital scale they have (very accurate). I was pleased as punch to see that I only have 5 more pounds to loose before returning to my pre-pregnancy weight. Sweet! That means that I’ve lost 21 pounds in 6 weeks – all from taking neighborhood walks and breastfeeding. Good weight loss program, eh? The only thing that sucks, though, is the Dr. suggested I loose 10 pounds to put my BMI at a safe level for diabetes risk purposes. Damn! Guess I’ve got a ways to go yet. As soon as I find a sports bra to contain the beasts on my chest formally known as my breasts (that’s probably the 10 pounds I need to loose right there!), I’ll start working out again. Until then, I think I’ll enjoy the holiday treats that are bound to make their way to my plate.

As we prepare for our Colorado trip, I’m starting a list of things to bring for Claire. Hopefully it won’t take up too much space, but it looks staggering on paper. Take a look:

1. her 2 swaddler blankets (for sleeping – bringing 2 because 1 inevitably has spit-up on it)
2. nursing cover (natch)
3. burp cloths (for all of the spit-up she produces)
4. diapers (for all that her bottom system produces)
5. wipes (ditto on above)
6. diaper cream (in case she gets a rash from disposables on the trip)
7. wash cloth (for bath time)
8. hooded towel (ditto on above)
9. baby bath gel (ditto on above)
10. nail file (to keep her claws at bay)
11. hair brush (to keep her frizzy baby hair at bay)
12. lotion (to keep her baby soft, especially in the dry Colorado climate – better not forget mine too!)
13. nose bulb thing (to suck out boogers)
14. baby oil (for cradle cap)
15. slings – Baby Bjorn and Ultimate Baby Wrap (to keep her happy and mobile if we go to a store or something)
16. pacifiers – lots (to keep her calm, especially when not nursing on the plane)
17. breast pump and bottles (I’ve got to build up my supply for when I return to work, so this is vital. I also want the Grandmas and Grandpas to babysit while Huz and I go out one evening to celebrate our 13th wedding anniversary which is this coming Monday)
18. clothes – warm stuff and holiday dresses (they are small and can be washed a lot, so I’ll go easy on this)
19. sleep positioner (so she can sleep in a new setting but still be in a familiar, hugged pose)
20. monitors (so we can hear her when she’s downstairs in my mom’s house)

Wow, huh!? Anything I’m missing?