I know it’s crazy buying more clothes for Claire, who already has more outfits than I do, but I’ve got an excuse, I swear. For one, she can only wear a limited amount of her clothes right now as most of them are for 3-6 month-olds. Secondly, when Huz and I were at Babies R Us the other day we walked past the cutest kitty outfits and we just had to have one.


Here she is in a crocheted sweater the nurse gave her before we left the hospital.


As we speak, Huz is at Babies R Us (in route to Home Depot for the kitchen tiles) getting her some pants for the cold Colorado winter that we’re heading toward in ten days. I’m so excited to go home again for Christmas this year, especially because we’ve got a beautiful baby to share with our family. Plus, it sure as hell doesn’t feel very Christmasy around here, being 58 degrees and all. I’m obviously a bit nervous about the trip, though, since it will be the ultimate outing with Claire. Any travel advice you guys can give this novice parent?