I grew up in a house where television was referred to as the Boob Tube. (Think that’s strange? What about washcloths being called “rags” and hair conditioner called “cream rinse”? Let’s just say my mom had a unique sense of vocabulary.) Since I’ve become a regular boob tube for Miss Claire (in the literal sense), I’ve been hooked up to the Boob Tube a lot myself lately. I’m ashamed to admit how much t.v. I watch these days. Here’s a list:

The Shot (This is a new one for me, a fashion photography competition that I really enjoy.)
Grey’s Anatomy (The evening soap opera that everyone watches, admit it.)
Private Practice (I’m not exactly convinced by the acting, but could Dr. Pete be hotter? I mean, really.)
The Office (I used to refuse to watch the American version because the BBC version was perfection on a stick, but I’ve totally come around and love it.)
Project Runway (Turn the gay knob up, folks. I just love this show. And, whoa, Jack looks like Superman, or at least the way Superman should look.)
30 Rock (Another one I wasn’t interested in at first, but now find rather amusing. My favorite character? Kenneth the Page.)
Heroes (We finished the first season, so now the current one makes more sense. The first season was definitely better. And is it just me or is the Mexican chick who kills people with her black tears totally annoying?)
SNL (It’s really hit or miss on the funny factor anymore, but I still support it.)

On Netflix:
The Wire (We’re working on season two now, but I can say that season one was full of great acting and made the viewer rethink their prejudices and stereotypes towards drug dealing and poverty.)

My favorite series of all time? Six Feet Under. Fabulous writing, acting, and cinematography. The characters were all believable with depth, complexity, and humanity. I truly got attached to them as if I knew them and I miss them. Seriously. I loved this show. And Claire was actually a name that we got from it.

Now, make me feel better, and admit how much t.v. you watch too. Thanks.