Yesterday was good. Claire was quiet most of the day – awake and content mixed equally with content napping. Huz and I went to the mall to get me out of the house and to do some shopping. Yes, I can fit into my size 6 jeans, but I only have one pair of size 6 jeans. All those sexy size 4s? What was I thinking? I can’t get into any of those babies. So, it was to the mall for me to get 2 more pairs of pants I can comfortably wear right now. Huz got some sexy dress shoes to wear with his suit next weekend – he’s presenting a paper at AAR (in San Diego – no fair, I want to go!) and will be leaving me on my own (holy shit) to do the parenting thing for 2 nights. Pray for me. It was a brief, but fun outing and we need to do more of them together. We knew Claire had a wet diaper (or so we guessed) but I was too afraid to use the nasty changing table in the women’s restroom, so we brought her out to the car (our Saturn is WAY too small and I currently hate it) and I nursed her and then we changed her together in the front seat (Huz hanging on to her because the seats are at an angle and me wrestling with the cloth diaper and cover – kind of a pain, but we’re getting used to it). Then we had a quiet evening at home watching our usual Thursday t.v. – 30 Rock, The Office, and Grey’s Anatomy.

Then bedtime came. Claire wasn’t screaming, thank God, but after sleeping from 10:30 – 2:30 (which was great) she was wide awake and needing her pacifier stuck back into her mouth a million times for TWO STRAIGHT HOURS. Finally, at 4:30, she fell asleep and we had a glorious 30 minutes of sleep before the needy, little shit head who I want to throw outside for wild dogs to eat Neville started his desperate attempts to get into the bedroom. This entails him sticking his entire arm under our door (there is WAY too much space beneath our doors) and wrestling with it, slamming it back and forth in the door jam, which sounds like a freaking army battling to get in the door. Needless to say, this woke Huz and I up with a start. Thankfully Claire sleeps through this racket, but it is SO loud and then he starts meowing like crazy and he JUST.WON’T.STOP. No matter how many times we get up and spray him in the face with water, he doesn’t stop. Finally at 5:00 I got up and slept on the couch because, it seems, that if one human family member is out in the rest of the house with him, he quits body slamming the bedroom door. Claire was up and needed to be fed again at 6:30, so that was only an hour and a half more sleep for me. Then she (and I) slept from 7:00 – 9:00 and during the 25 minutes I was feeding her at 9:00, Neville was at the door again. I was seriously this close to kicking his gray ass outside and being done with him. I love him and he’s sweet and cute, but this is getting ridiculous. I’m hoping that once we transition Claire to her crib in the nursery that it’ll stop because we’ll let the cats back into the bedroom with us, but I don’t know when that will be and I don’t know if I’m going to make it until then without killing him. UGH!

p.s. This is the nursing cover I ordered yesterday (in Chocolat). I can’t wait to try it out!